Smart DCC Adapter

Enabling energy data to be communicated securely between smart meters and energy suppliers. ​

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Unlock valuable customer insights with a fully accredited smart solution

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Seamlessly service your customers with smarter insights

ENSEK’s Smart DCC Adapter provides you with an end-to-end smart metering capability that unlocks your potential to service customers at an exceptional level. Integrate your Smart DCC Adapter with your Ignition platform to use a seamless connection that collects your customer data and analyses in real-time.

Enable your teams to run highly automated operations, reducing unnecessary manual tasks and increasing focus on value-add, actionable, customer activities on one platform.

Digital Insights reduce data complexity

Manage grid demand

Manage energy demand more efficiently with the Smart DCC Adapter working seamlessly with ENSEK’s Time of Use Solution, using real time consumption mapping and even reducing consumer’s bills.

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Fully accredited and live

Rely on a Smart DCC Adapter that has been rigorously tested through mandatory S1 and S2 industry DCC approval. Put your trust in an adapter that’s seen full security assessments by the CIO and been fully accredited by the Security Sub Committee on behalf of SECAS.

No need to worry about migration headaches, with industry leading energy suppliers already using ENSEK’s Smart DCC Adapter.

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Full data connectivity and analysis through your Ignition platform

Empower your supply business to make actionable decisions by linking your Smart DCC Adapter, ENSEK Ignition platform and analytical solution, ENSEK's Digital Insights.

Unlock powerful insights with a deep analysis of your customer and business data.

Real time customer data analysis provides teams with fast-paced actionable insights. Predict consumption trends with data driven through ENSEK's Digital Insights.

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