Industry Process Management for the 21st Century

Our market message solution is built on modern technology

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Automated. Intelligent. Scalable.

Industry interfaces


Our market messaging solution is tested and proven at scale with all industry interfaces - actively deployed and operational with growing new entrants through to enterprise scale portfolios in excess of 1M meters

Proactive task management

Proactive task management

Take control of industry exceptions through event driven workflows, available pre-configured or customisable by you

SME Partner Portals

Portfolio Management

Built from the ground up to preserve data at the lowest level of granularity, our market messaging solution enables clear and actionable MI that gives you instant feedback on portfolio health, drillable to the lowest level of detail. Coupled with our unqiue visibility of meter level costs, operational activity can be directed to where it matters most

Product Features


100% Compliant

Our market messaging solution is fully tested and proven at scale, and will always be kept up-to-date with the latest industry changes as standard.


All interfaces supported

All industry interfaces (DTN, IX, DCC) are supported as standard, and continually updated and improved in line with our SaaS delivery model.



Built with a high degree of automation to improve operational efficiency, minimise exceptions, and improve the customer experience.



Real-time categorisation and prioritisation to streamline downstream business processes and enable value driven activity.



Leveraging the power of the cloud and microservices to enable enterprise grade scalability and performance, whatever the portfolio size.


Work smart

Defined workflows designed by industry practitioners to orchestrate exceptional activity efficiently and effectively, reducing the age of exceptions and improving resolution times.

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