Industry Pricing Engine

A faster, smarter way to deliver complex B2B energy contracts

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Configure. Price. Quote

Industry Pricing Engine Guided Tool

Simplified and streamlined processes

Allow your customers to review, negotiate and agree contracts digitally, in-line with pre-determined restrictions and managerial approvals. Enable sales teams to create contracts from any device, anytime, and anywhere, thanks to our award-winning cloud native solution.

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Industry pricing engine protect margins

Intelligent workflows and cost reduction

By combining industry data with structured products and customised rules, users can create multiple proposals in seconds. With built-in automated workflows, manual data entry is limited, driving efficiencies in response to customer requests, feedback and last-minute market updates.

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Industry pricing engine digital

Agility and execution

Pricing inputs are verified against defined business rules, including discounts and uplifts. “Guided Selling” actively coaches users throughout each step of the process. This allows anyone to propose the right outcome, that delivers the right value, at the right margin.

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Product Features


Automated quotation and pricing management

Creation of multiple proposals in a single action. Quotations are automatically repriced when market conditions change, eliminating operational error and reducing sales cycles.


Cross platform integration

Built in API connectivity to ENSEK’s award-winning energy platform, along with third-party solutions from Salesforce and Credit Bureaux, allows centralisation of critical information.


Intelligent rules engine

Live industry data, smart logic, and client defined custom rules prevent costly calculation and pricing errors resulting in delays and margin erosion.


Configurable workflow engine

Complex products and pricing structures can be devised and implemented in real time, making navigation simple.


Analytics, Insights and Business Intelligence

Seamlessly connect to ENSEK’s Analytics platform to build out custom MI reports for performance visibility across all levels of your organisation. Elevate knowledge and communication throughout your business.


Digital Sales Journeys

Cloud-based pricing from our award-winning SaaS platform, enables quotations to be developed, proposed and signed electronically; from any device, anywhere.

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