First Line Support Analyst

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In a Nutshell

In this role, you will work on our ‘new in’ or ‘backlog’ service desk team, dealing with software issues that are raised by our clients through our service desk ticketing system, called ServiceNow. You will clarify the problem, triage the problem and sign off the ticket. As a first line analyst you will be dealing with known issues that can typically be solved at speed and indeed, ticket resolution speed and accuracy will be a key performance measure in the job.


  1. You’ll work with ENSEK’s ITSM system daily, working with volumes of tickets, problem solving them, taking them to resolution, getting them off the system and thereby satisfying our service level agreements.
  2. You’ll be supported and coached by one of our Lead Service Desk analysts who will train you and be your point of contact daily.
  3. You will need to work closely with the second line service desk team to escalate tickets when they are specialised or become more complex than you can resolve yourself.
  4. You’ll work with various grades of ticket, meaning you need to constantly prioritise your work, based on the urgency and importance of each item. A P1 ticket, for example, means immediate action is needed.
  5. You’ll be problem solving daily, questioning the information you have been given, assessing if you have all you need and establishing the facts before rushing to a fix.
  6. Sometimes, you will need to contact the client themselves, typically via our software itself, or email, or on rare occasions, by phone.
  7. You’ll be primarily working with SQL to triage and solve tickets.
  8. You’ll add value to the experience of our clients, colleagues and other relevant stakeholders through practicing and promoting the ENSEK values.

Key Skills

  1. You’ll be a natural problem solver. Good at rationally analysing and questioning the information you have been given, then working through the problem logically to arrive at a solution rather than a quick fix
  2. You’ll need some SQL experience gained through work or personal projects. We’d say entry level to intermediate is needed as you’ll be using it daily.
  3. You will enjoy client contact. Your background will have involved dealing with customers, be it in person or by phone, email or system led engagement.
  4. You will have no fear of ticket led performance measures. To you, smashing through tickets, solving multiple problems every hour is satisfying and motivational.