Engineering Manager

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In a Nutshell

Reporting to the Tribe Engineering Manager, the Engineering Manager is responsible for the quality, speed and sustainability of Products that are delivered. They manage delivery timelines, schedule expectations and tracking progress to ensure the Product/s are delivered within scope, to time and cost. The Engineering Manager is responsible for a squad or number of squads.


  1. Working in partnership with the Product Owner manage engineering delivery timescales and scheduling expectations, having a view of the burndown and cadence within team/s.
  2. Tracking monitoring and reporting on the technical debt to ensure the Product/s are delivered within scope, to time and cost.
  3. Intuitively understanding where the technical dept is within the squad, taking action to ensure that this is understood and prioritised alongside other pressing demands.
  4. Driving a positive culture of engagement and always presenting a 'glass half full' attitude, removing the obstacles in the way and ensuring a positive and engaged team.
  5. Ensuring that the squad follows the Ways of Working that have been agreed within your Retros and any Guilds in order to optimise their performance and output.
  6. Working with the Agile Enablement team to adopt tools and methodologies, driving efficiencies within the squad/s
  7. Ensuring the squad engineering team is aligned with an agreed and maintained checklist of 'things to consider' and take an active interest in seeing how these principles have been applied.
  8. Working closely with the Technical Lead to understand the technical detail which provides an awareness of the risks and allows the necessary support needed to support engineers and testers so they can make safe mistakes, and learn, but avoid the more serious ones.
  9. Working with the Product Owner to achieve a transparent, open and honest culture, where the Product and Engineering skills work extremely well together, communicating as one team.
  10. Managing all of the ceremonies of the team- from standup to refinement and retro; efficiently and in a fun and engaging way. 
  11. Managing, coaching and supporting the Engineering team including timely completion of performance reviews and PDPs.
  12. Adding value to the experience of our clients, colleagues and other relevant stakeholders through practicing and promoting the ENSEK values.
  13. Promoting and maintaining a positive, results orientated work environment, building partnerships and teamwork across ENSEK.

Key Skills

  1. Accuracy and attention to detail is key
  2. Ability to manage, coach, support and direct teams
  3. Excellent communicator with the ability to listen, collaborate and influence others   
  4. A problem solver who is able to facilitate timely decisions 
  5. Experience in managing and delivering projects, prioritising to ensure alignment with delivery timelines 
  6. Client focused approach, utilising knowledge and experience, demonstrating outstanding levels of diplomacy and tact 
  7. Values the importance of teamwork, with experience of working in a remote team being advantageous
  8. Proven ability to engage with and develop strong relationship with customers and stakeholders
  9. Experience of working in with agile tools and techniques is a must, preferably from within Energy/Utilities sector