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The Energy Market Needs You!

Energy market needs you
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Chris Broadhurst, ENSEK | Head of Sales & Marketing


A government report has called for increased competition in the UK energy industry, with customer engagement still low despite the highest number of independent suppliers on record.

Behind all this is a clear signal, and a real opportunity: customers are still waiting for something different – and it could be you.

The Competition and Market Authority finally published their findings on the energy market a few weeks ago, having spent several years and several millions evaluating the security and affordability of the energy industry.

Out of the report came two key findings;

  • Demand side: A low level of customer engagement
  • Supply side: Regulatory and technical constraints

In other words, customers aren’t shopping around, and suppliers are constrained by regulation and technical challenges.

Engagement is the key takeaway from all of this, as it clearly sits on both sides of the fence. Customer’s aren’t engaging with the industry, and the industry is finding it hard to engage with its customers. Some numbers for you to illustrate this:

  • 34% of domestic customers have never even considered switching
  • 56% of domestic customers have never switched
  • 70% of customers with ‘the big 6’ are stuck on the default, expensive tariff (known as SVT)

Another statistic worth highlighting, but that isn’t pointed out in the report, is that even those that do switch are just as likely to switch from big 6 to big 6 as they are to switch from the big 6 to an independent. What this means is that customer’s don’t see any real difference between the big 6 and the independents. In other words, no one – yet – has really stood out and offered a clear choice.

Until now

Up until now, entering the UK energy market has been wrought with challenges and complexities (as identified in the CMA report), but at ENSEK we’ve solved these challenges with modern technology, and provide a genuinely turnkey market entry solution that allows you to focus entirely on what’s most important – your customers.

This means that if you’ve got an existing business, with a good customer base and a strong brand identity, you’ve got the opportunity to seamlessly step into the energy market. What made you a success in your own industry could be what the energy industry and its customers is calling out for.

So, If you think you’ve got an exciting proposition and want to find out how we can help you shake up the energy market, get in touch today on 0115 710 0180 or send us an email