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Chris Broadhurst, ENSEK | Head of Sales & Marketing


A recent report by the government has identified the need for more engagement and competition in the energy market, meaning there’s a real opportunity for new independent suppliers to make their mark. But, there’s one piece of the puzzle missing…

2016 has been a good year for new independent energy suppliers, with more people switching, more independent energy suppliers in the market, and the recent CMA report highlighting the need for better engagement and increased competition. Putting all of this together, the market is giving off clear signals that the appetite for further competition is strong, presenting a real opportunity for new independent suppliers. In this increasingly competitive and evolving market it’s vital that new suppliers give themselves the greatest chance of success. A number of innovative organisations are now looking to the energy market as an opportunity to support new and established suppliers through the provision of data, tools and services. Introducing a breadth of services and shining a light on the one piece of the puzzle that has l largely gone unnoticed – the wider energy supplier ecosystem

Beyond the non-discretionary functions that every supplier has to cover (market messaging, billing, finance, and so on), there are a plethora of wider activities and opportunities to be considered;

  • Trading
  • Risk management
  • Outbound sales
  • Lead generation
  • Collateral requirements
  • And so on…

Outsourcing activities like these can deliver significant benefits to a new entrant, particularly in the first few years of operation. But without the resource, time, or expertise to dedicate to these ancillary activities, it’s not uncommon to simply park them entirely. Often seen as commercially unappealing, a number of organisations are waking up to the New Entrant market and adapting their commercial models accordingly.

At ENSEK, we’re looking to take the market entry ‘as-a-service’ model one step further and provide access to the full ecosystem right from day one. The ‘as-a-service’ business model has boomed in recent years, using technologies like cloud, automation and analytics to provide on demand, scalable and consumption based services.

For new entrants looking to gain the edge on their competition, the ability to leverage services typically only available to more established players could be transformational – accelerating growth without the need for in-house resource or infrastructure.

We’ll be providing more details on the individual services available over the coming weeks, but if you want to find out how we could help you gain the competitive advantage today, get in touch on 0115 710 0180, or send us an email