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Jon Slade comments on Ofgem customer switching announcement

Customer switching announcement
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Chris Broadhurst, ENSEK | Head of Sales & Marketing


Today’s announcement by Ofgem is a positive step for customers and industry alike.

The main barriers to switching are systems and processes, so upgrading IT systems and simplifying industry processes will help make shorter switching times a reality. However, suppliers will struggle to timeframes set out by Ofgem unless they take urgent action now.

Many suppliers simply don’t have an accurate view of their customer data, meaning it can take weeks to identify bottlenecks and issues slowing down the switching process. The out-dated systems used by many suppliers to manage customer data means they aren’t able to track how they are performing at each step of the customer acquisition and loss process. Having a clear view of problem areas – underpinned by customer level data – is the key to identifying the actions which suppliers will need to take to cut switching times. To achieve the targets set out by Ofgem and deliver better customer experience, suppliers need to take control of their data and improve their own processes as soon as possible.