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EVENT: Future of Utilities: Smart Energy 2019

Future of Utilities Smart Energy 2019
Charlotte Blay Written by

Charlotte Blay, Marketing Intern


ENSEK to sponsor the Future of Utilities

Discovering new directions in the energy market with Smart Energy 2019

ENSEK are delighted to partner with Future of Utilities again and to sponsor Smart Energy 2019.

This years’ key themes are:

  • Energy Retail – Ensure you are utilising the power of your customer engagement. Guarantee a seamless customer journey where you personalise communication to make every interaction value-add.
  • Smart Grids – By 2030, we recognise grids today will have completely evolved to our perception today. Renewables, distribution and how we consume energy will shape how we interact with electricity networks, and it’s important to know what to expect and how to adapt.
  • Smart Metering – As targets for smart meter DCC adapter rollouts continue, ensure you are employing the right infrastructure and SMIP to harness the capability industry data provides to unlock greater insight and inspire innovation.

With over 300 key industry players in attendance and eager to share and learn industry knowledge, 2019’s Future of Utilities event is bigger than ever to ignite an energy ecosystem evolution.

ENSEK are eager to learn how we can continue to help digitally transform the energy industry with our Smart innovations and agile platforms. Furthermore, we are excited to showcase our existing solutions to incumbent industry problems.

With talks about our future growth plans, it will also be an interesting opportunity to sense whether these will be effective and fruitful.

Event Details:

Event: Future of Utilities 2019 – New directions in the energy market: smart retail, grids and metering

Date: Wednesday 16th – Thursday 17thOctober, 2019

Location: The Guoman Tower, London

*2 free passes for clients of ENSEK only.

Looking at attending the Future of Utilities: Smart Energy 2019?

ENSEK can offer two free passes to the event for clients. Get in touch to register your interest and for more information.