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EVENT: Future of Utilities - What do you do with the data, once you’ve set up your smart adapter?

Future of Utilities, what do you do with the data once you've set up your Smart Adapter
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Emma Lovell, Senior Marketing Manager


The UK is going through a dramatic change with the Smart Metering Implementation Process (SMIP).

With the 2020 smart meter deadline looming, supplier’s efforts are ramping up, and smart meters are slowly being installed and integrated into energy supplier's offerings.

With customer expectations high, smart meters offer a unique opportunity to exceed expectations in the utility industry.

Legacy infrastructure and slow adoption of new technology has previously held energy suppliers back; the introduction of smart opens the door to new innovation and presents suppliers with the opportunity to leapfrog their way to the forefront of customer experience.

It’s incredibly exciting to be part of the revolution within the industry, but once you have a smart adaptor, then what?

How can you make the most out of this data? Can you use it to increase customer satisfaction and develop new propositions? Is there an opportunity to reduce operational challenges and costs?

ENSEK are sponsoring the Future of Utilities Smart Metering Update on Tuesday 18th June in London to help answer these questions.

We’re sponsoring the day because we want to share with you the what, when, where, why and how’s of making the most of Smart.

"93% expect the rise of new technologies to lead to significant changes in the structure of the energy supply market over the next five years.” *
“84% agree that if utilities fail to innovate, tech giants with stronger customer relationships may become a more natural choice for the supply of energy.” *

So you’ve got Smart. Now What?

ENSEK have developed a class leading analytics platform that consumes the data from smart meters and combines this with a supplier’s traditional data sets – providing an unparalleled level of portfolio insight, and all in real time.

Smart + Analytics.

If you’d like to hear more about our integrated Smart adaptor and analytics platform, and are interested in attending, we'd love to see you there! If another date would suit you better, we'd still love to chat to you. Get in touch with us here and we'll set up a time that suits you.

Event Details

Event: Future of Utilities - Smart Metering Update

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2019

Location: Hilton Tower Bridge, London

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