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NEWS: Full Symmetry - The Apprentice Journey

Apprenticeship Week Software Developers

Head of Talent at ENSEK, John Brown, talks to two of our colleagues with a little symmetry about their apprenticeship journeys.

As John puts it “The apprentice has become the Jedi and gained a new Padawan Learner”.

Sameer, an experienced Full Stack Software Developer, started his career as an apprentice and now mentors Calogero, a current apprentice at ENSEK.

Sameer, tell us a bit about how you become an apprentice and how you feel it helped your career?

Sameer: I started my apprenticeship a few years ago after I decided University wasn’t suited for myself.

I came across an apprenticeship to do with development without having knowledge to do with software development at all.

I didn’t even know what C# was! But luckily, the company decided to give me a chance. I would say that it definitely helped my career given it defined it to start with, it wasn’t something I initially thought of.

Looking back on it, I think hands on experience is so much more beneficial for someone trying to get into this industry.

What, in your view, is the major plus point of an apprenticeship?

Sameer: Actual working experience is the major benefit - plus getting paid and not being in debt 😉

How does it feel now that you’ve come full circle and are an experienced Software Engineer, mentoring an apprentice Software Engineer?

Sameer: As quick as it’s come, it feels good. I’ve always wanted to do this since I became a Junior Developer 3 years ago, I’ve always been the kind of person to help other people, so it feels like it’s naturally gravitated towards this outcome.

What advice would you give those who are considering the apprentice route?

Sameer: I would say that it depends on what kind of career you’re looking for. Mine was a complete accident. It started off as something to do and turned into: ‘This is actually pretty good; I’m going to follow it through’.

Of course, some jobs require you to get a degree in certain things and for that, obviously go to university to get what you need. However, the alternative of an apprenticeship is a hugely beneficial one.

Work experience, a salary, no debt, and a certification at the end - it’s a winner all around.

An apprenticeship also has the benefits of having actual experience on your CV, which in some cases is more beneficial than purely having the educational side.

Calogero, why did you decide to go down the apprentice route rather than, say, a university degree?

Calogero: I decided to go down the apprentice route as I believe there are lots of benefits, such as: on the job experience - which is crucial in learning and developing skills, the qualifications you gain from an apprenticeship to proceed with your education, gaining an open a career path, and much more.

Why did ENSEK jump out at you as the place to go?

Calogero: I saw ENSEK as a big opportunity as I want a to proceed my career as a software developer and I might as-well make it interesting by working with an energy industry and I believe ENSEK can offer me this.

What has been the best thing about your early days at ENSEK?

Calogero: The best thing about my early days has to be working in an extremely friendly environment and extending my knowledge as a software developer.

What do you hope to get out of your apprenticeship with us?

Calogero: What I would like to get out of this apprenticeship is: to gain further programming knowledge, having an experience of working in a professional environment, and to proceeds my career of being a software developer.

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