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NEWS: Gaining AWS’ Advanced Partner Status

Aws advanced partner status

What does AWS Advanced Partner Status mean?

AWS Advanced Partner Status

Being an Advanced Partner with AWS provides advantages both for ENSEK and our customers.

We use many services provided by AWS. The partnership allows us to train and certify our colleagues on the tech options available, increasing our seamless interaction with the platform.

Recently, we went through an AWS Well Architected Review. This formal process assesses the use of Amazon technology and design principles with a focus on efficiency and scalability.

This, along with a number of external verification exercises undertaken over the last 12 months, validates our position as a market-leading SaaS solutions provider to the energy industry.

What does this mean for you, our customer?

Our Advanced Partner Status means that we, and by proxy you, have access to AWS resources, expertise and R&D opportunities.

You can also run your business, safe in the knowledge that your SaaS platform is seamlessly integrated with AWS, to provide a reliable service to you and your customers.

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If you’d like to hear more about our Advanced Partnership status with AWS, please get in touch here.

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