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DCC : transmit to the future

DCC, transmit to the future
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Stephen Wright, ENSEK | Business Development Manager


DCC - Something to Marvel at?

The DCC and SMETS2 may not sound like an innovation as it is happening right now but it will change energy in the UK forever so it's worth writing about...

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, with lots of events happening in preparation for the big day. I know here at ENSEK, the tinsel is up, the Advent Calendar doors are partially open and the names have been pulled out of the hat for Secret Santa fun!

The DCC is the data communication company, the team behind this smart migration and the central hub for all things tech in the energy industry and the world of Smart LOVES an acronym. SMETS2 stands for the 2nd version of the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification. Our favourite to date has to be the GFI Kit, which builds acronyms on top of acronyms, answers on a postcard to what that means please!

The same can be said of the Smart migration to SMETS2 meters (Too dubious a link!?). A lot of work is required in the preparation of moving to SMETS2 meters in ensuring that the meters and the IT systems will operate as they should and that the training and engagement has all happened effectively. 47,000 SMETS2 meters had been installed by October of this year, with that number set to rocket by the beginning of 2019. This will all enable better customer service and more innovation in big data. What the DCC will allow is for any energy supplier to take on a smart meter irrelevant of brand or previous supplier, making the transition seamless for customers and suppliers alike.

The migration from SMETS1 to SMETS2 is not quite as simple as changing from Brand A meter to Brand B meter for suppliers, the specification for the SMETS2 meters differs substantially from SMETS1 meters as all communication now goes through the DCC. What this means for customers is that once their meter is SMETS2 or SMETS1 and enrolled into the DCC, they can change supplier and not lose any of their Smart functionality. There are also enhanced security measures for these meters and operating systems.

We wrote about Smart meters a few days back here if you want a refresher.

At ENSEK, we’re working with the DCC and our clients to be in a position to enable them to install and operate SMETS2 meters (and this blog was brought to you by our fantastic SMART team). As well as working with Santa of course, in making sure all of the people on the nice list have something that makes their Christmas special…

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