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CASE STUDY: SME Digital Platform

CASE STUDY SME Digital Platform
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Martin Bristow, Business Development Manager


SME Online-only challenger platform

The Challenge: Provide a low cost, 100% digital platform to delight our customers

The retail energy market is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented change. In a highly competitive arena, customers continually demand better value products and exceptional customer service delivery. As one of the largest UK suppliers, our client was uniquely placed to spot these emerging trends - however the scale of its operations also presents unique challenges in adapting to them.

The brief was simple – create a 100% digital proposition that delivers lower prices for customers.

Our client set out to do something different - this would mean deviating from traditional resource intensive operating models, whilst maintaining the same excellent standards of customer service. It would require re-imagining processes to achieve a digital model and develop a truly unique customer experience through agile techniques.

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